Friday, June 26, 2009

My Storage for Cricut Cartridge and other items

Hi everyone, just thought that I would share with you a little corner of my crafting room. Now mind you this is Just a Little corner lol, of my crafting room. The corner of one of my tables... I have three 5 ft tables, Plus the desk that I use for my computer, plust 1 filing cabinet with 4 drawers, Plus 2 of those tall white plastic shelves with all things covered, all my pictures and my ceramics and such are in the totes Under the tables. Yeahhhh.. I Do, and I do admit it... have too much stuff, or maybe not enough as there is always something new that I want to try out... such as the skittles, I found those clear pebble like things, they are acrylic, but not really skittles, found them at Michaels along with some of the Alchol dyes that everyone has been talking about. I took them home and right away died a bunch of them. Wish that I had had my 50% off coupon for those... any how... Here are the pics of my Corner Storage...

Hugs and God Bless


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