Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas is coming ...

Hi Everyone, alittle over a week-ago I posted on the Cricutlovers group for someone to help me with a tag that I had made using my Design Studio and Plantin cartridge, and due to an unfortunate accident (I broke my tibia bone in my ankle and have been home bound, upstairs bound, no stairs in other words for about 4-6 weeks. ) Any how, I had one of those 4 in the morning, gotta make it creative spurts and I made a cut file for a Christmas tag, but since my DS was upstairs on my computer, that my Wonderful hubby brought upstairs for me so that I would not be bored, and my Cricut which was downstairs (wouldn't fit on my table with my computer) I could not cut it. I got 2 Wonderful ladies saying that they would give it a shot. I gave them what I was invisioning, and the cut file and let them know that they could cut it to their vision once they saw the cut file. The first gal, Cathy Smith, for some reason could not open the file. Said something about the time and date not being valid. (I remember this being discussed on the group but I dont remember what the fix was, so unfortunately I could not help her with that. But I thank her very much for trying. Huge Hugs going her way.

Another Great gal did also reply and her name is Deanna Mulder. She was able to open up the file. Even though she did not cut it in the colors that I had imagined, she did cut it in the way that she saw it when she saw the cut file. And I am so VERY Glad that she did. Because I would never have thought of it. I will be sending her a little gift of appreciation when I am able to get it finished and mailed to her. This was a First for both of us. She told me that she doesn't normally cut other peoples cuts, and it was a First for me too, as I dont usually ask for help. But I wanted to see it cut so bad. :o) and she did a Beautiful job. Proud is not really the word that I am looking for it works though, and very Thankful as well for her stepping up and doing this for me when I couldn't. So Thank You Deanna I don't know how to say it enough. I love the job you did. Of course the picture is above, I love it too.
Oh and of course you may want to take alook at some of the other work that Deanna does she has a Wonderful Blog and you can find it Here
You may find the Cut File Here with the wonderful tag cut by Deanna.
Thanks so much Deanna.
Hugs and God Bless