Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blue Lace Kit - Finally Here

Finally! Yeah I do have this kit finally uploaded to 4 shared. And the links will follow.

TOU link:

Blue Lace Kit Elements

Blue Lace Frames

Blue Lace Paper

Blue Lace Tag Words

As Always, my kits are done in 12x12 300 dpi.

This kit has taken my quite some time to actually get uploaded as I have had so many things going on in my life. I think that I have said that I work for the school here in town, well we had our end of school year reviews and all the paras were told that we may not have our jobs come fall. So I have been stressing over that, but I got my letter yesterday, (after doing some heavy weight Praying to God) that said that I do still have my job as para back at school in the fall, though they do not know whether I will be with the same kid or move on somewhere different.
We have 10 days left of the current school year. I am in much need of the mental break from it all. I crave my summers off.
Some more good news... My hubby is finally on insulin for his Diabetes, besides his meds too. Yes this is actually Good News... for me and for him, now he will be able to control it much better. And he might actually be able to gain some weight back. I was so scared, for him as well as for me, as I was just not ready for him to die yet, and that is what would have happened sooner than later if he didnt get it through his thick skull that he needed this. Men are sometimes just so VERY stubborn.
Sarah, needs her daddy to watch her grow up, but sometimes he just doesnt get it. Or that is what I feel. Any how... Thanks for coming and seeing and enjoying my scrapping. I have lots of fun creating and it is a great stress realiever too sometimes.
Hugs and God Bless