Sunday, February 8, 2009

Design Studio

I am soooo very excited, I have been following some great groups talking about Cricut Expressions, and then Design Studio or SCAL, and I finally broke down and got the DS. Well actually... we got our Taxes back and hubby Spoiled me rotten over the weekend. He bought me quite a few Scrapping things, and the DS was one of them. I have been playing with it much of the weekend. Though really I did not get to start until about 9pm last night and then played with it till 2 in the morning, and it has done Everything that I wanted it to. Yes I did get kind of frustrated with it when it wasnt cutting propperly and had to walk away from it and come back later, but then it wasn't the fault of the Cricut or the program, It had been awhile since I had cleaned the bottom of the blade and it was Quite clogged up with scrap of paper, and as soon as I cleaned that out it started cutting fine again.
I made a BFFL Best Friends For Life Mini album, and I made some scallops, and I welded some words together for some Valentines day cards, and of course and sorry to say but at this time I do not have any pictures to show...
Well the buzzer on the dryer has finally gone off, which means it is time to go and change the loads and then go to bed, so I can get up in the morning for Work.
Hope you All had a GREAT weekend too.
Hugs and God Bless