Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year

Life has been extreamely busy this year with school and broken bones and being sick, hopefully that is all a thing of the past.
One new thing that I have Enjoyed quite a bit, is a Job change. I have worked with a blind student for the last 7 years. I still work with him Mon and Tues Mornings, but after that I am at the Cardinal House, it is a place where our Special Ed kids (highschool age) go and learn different tasks. 3 weeks ago they called me and asked if I could sub for them on a friday I said sure, later on that day, Dr. Wells, the gal that is in charge there said, do you know you are supposed to be back on Monday too? Well I did not. Then Monday she told me that I was going to be there permantly from then on. Its like OH? (One thing she was trying to do is make sure that I still had a job) as I am only very part time working with my blind student. I Love it at Cardinal House though I do miss the others that I worked with, I still see them occasionaly. And I love the gals that I work with now too. The kids do several different things depending on their abillitys, some of them are working on making Doggy Biscuits, some of them do beaded jewelry, some of them are working in the back where we have the wood shop and are making cedar flower pots. I have been working with some making cards. That is where my talent falls in, currently, though I have been learning the flower pots too. I am learning the Make the Cut software but am currently frustrated with it at school I cant get the thing to work. I probably have not done the firmware update which is probably all it needs though I am not sure.
Ok, well I am rambling. I will get things figured out and I will get back to cutting and designing here soon.
Hugs and God Bless